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leader’s responsibility: distract your band members.

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Coming Soon Oct 18th #ModernFarmer Pls gv them lots of ♡♡♡
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[VID P4] #GangnamBlues official movie trailer. #LeeMinHo #LeeMinHoLic Credit to Dramafever for English Subs.

Minoz PH! “Anak” by Freddie Aguilar plays as the opening BG music. How cool is that? 😎😎💕💕😍😍

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140717 m! countdown begins© hero | do not edit.
140717 m! countdown begins
© hero | do not edit.
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"I was hungry and learned hunger can make you do anything"

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Coming Soon Oct 18th #ModernFarmer Preview
Photo 29 Sep Sunshine Girl turned 2 today!

Sunshine Girl turned 2 today!

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Text 29 Sep 64 notes FTISLAND to release an Special Album “ALL ABOUT” on Oct.6


"ALL ABOUT" consists of 10 songs that was released in japan translated into korean.

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